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welcome to chicago - 04 july 2003
that's right, i've moved to chicago. a town with real graffiti, unlike bloomington-normal where there was a decided lack of graffiti. look for more frequent updates as i walk around the city.

sign up - 03 march 2003
it came to my attention that the sign-up function wasn't working. sorry about that. i've fixed the problem, so anyone who wasn't able to sign-up before should be able to do so now. --tim

we made it - 02 february 2003
tagged has been named a finalist in this years south by southwest web awards.

thanks to everyone who has contributed a picture, let's keep them coming.

forum launch - 28 january 2003
i finished building the first version of the forum. it allows members to post and reply to previous posts. it also allows members to post comments in response to a tag. the most recent comment posted about a tag will show up on the page with the full size version of the tag.

so go test it out, and please let me know if something doesn't work, or if you have ideas for how something could work better.

community question - 17 october 2002
i'm getting ready to start building the forum section of the site, but i wanted to ask you all what you'd like to see in a forum here. should it be a big free-for-all forum, kind of like a community blog? should forum postings be attached to specific tags and accessible from those pages? should there even be a forum?

just drop me an email and let me know what you think.

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here today...
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dumpster love

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